Samsung TV and … planned obsolescence?

April 30, 2012 § 2 Comments

Some time ago I bought an LCD samsung TV (Model: LE19c430c4w) for use as a computer monitor and second TV. It was connected via VGA to the PC and the TV tuner worked flawlessly.
And for a time it was good.

Then I decided to upgrade my PC with a better GPU, with HDMI connections and higher specs so I started using the TV via HDMI.
And for a time it was good

One day, the monitor suddently got a headache-inducing red tint on both PC (HDMI) and TV modes. The following picture shows an all-black screen from the PC. (it is fairly accurate depiction, the camera only added some noise).The red screen

After hours of unsuccesfull attempt to correct the problem, including firmware upgrades, gamma correction (both TV and GPU), etc. I decided to connect the TV with the old GPU and the VGA cable and gasp! the image returned to normal. Doing the same with the newer GPU gave the same results. The image would be correct as long as I used the analog inputs (Component & composite also gave correct results IIRC).

If the LCD panel was defective I would expect the error to be consistent, that is, the same problem regardless the input but the problem seemed to affect only the digital inputs. From that point on I decided to run some more testing which made me frown even more.

The following picture showsa mostly black desktop in 4:3 mode, the TV added two vertical black bars on each side.

Desktop, VGA

Notice how you cannot notice 😉 where the black bar begins if it wasn’t for the windows menu bar.


Desktop, HDMI

Same desktop, same screen, different outcome. Notice how the TV can show the pure black colour (on the vertical bar) but refuses to show the correct colours on the PC area.

This problems got me thinking if the TV is indeed defective (honest mistake from the manufacturer) or if it is a plain-old “let’s make the device degrade itself a year after the dude bought it since the problem started from one day to the other without any warning.

I’ve searched for a solution on the internet and all I’ve found was a reference to ‘defective panel’ which I don’t really buy since if that was the problem, the problem should be coherent and happen all the time. What should NEVER happen is what is shown on the last picture, a defective image (reddish-black) on the PC surface and a perfectly good colour on the TV-added blackbars.


§ 2 Responses to Samsung TV and … planned obsolescence?

  • You know what? I just love you! You are always so informative, and every one of your posts seems to address something that I have been thinking about in the days that have passed.

  • Mariano Suscarros says:

    This seems to be Samsung’s golden policy in the last couple of years.
    For this reason, yesterday I installed a hacked firmware on my recently bought Samsung laser printer and, oh boy, I’m so much relieved. After this lobotomy, it won’t distinguish an original cartridge from a refilled one and hopefully, it won’t commit suicide after a few years of good use.
    This brand makes some of the finest devices but this dirty policy should be better known by all consumers.
    Have you progressed further on your investigation BTW?

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